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Last Saturday I watched the debate between John Lewis and Ryan Zinke, candidates for Montana’s lone seat in the US House of Representatives. Much of the debate focused on the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Lewis’s contention was that the health care reform bill provided insurance to many Americans that otherwise would not be able to afford it. He conceded that the program had some weaknesses that could be resolved by diligent bipartisan legislation.

Mr. Zinke believes that the health care act should be repealed outright. Then, if (and that is a BIG if) the GOP should tackle health care reform, he would support a provision that would address the problem of pre-existing conditions.

At the end of the debate each candidate was allotted two minutes to sum up their respective positions. During Ryan Zinke’s summation he intoned the Presidents full name, Barack Hussein Obama.  As he said his name, his lips seemed to turn down and his eyes narrowed as if to focus on a target. All I could think of was that he had destruction on his mind. It made me wonder what his thoughts are about our nations president.

  •  Is he a citizen of the United States?
  • Is he an Islamic extremist?
  • Is he not qualified to be our President even though the people of our nation have elected him twice?

Did he make the decision to use the middle name of President Obama himself? Or was it the decision of his big bucks handlers from the East Coast? Either way, I think that it was a cheap shot and disrespectful of our nations leader. I like to think that Montanans are better than that, no matter what side of the aisle they are on.Jack 2012 cropped




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A couple of weeks ago I received a mailer from Steve Daines my multimillionaire representative in congress. It had something to do about how he is a friend of veterans. Yet, he voted to shut down the government, voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act many times (which has been highly beneficial to families of many veterans). He supports the Ryan budget plan which hurts Medicare and Medicaid, programs that many veteran families depend upon. It didn’t make much sense to me.

THEN, I noticed that this blatant piece of campaign propaganda was paid for by you and me.

Here is this rich guy, with his campaign coffers overflowing, backed by the likes of  Karl Rove and his big bucks buddies from the Beltway,     demanding that we pay for some of his election drivel.

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      Daines & Vets 2




Daines & Vets 1

The family that controls Hobby Lobby wins their law suite concerning a woman’s right to control her reproductive system, based on  religious grounds. Yet, there is nary a word about banning vasectomies and penile enhancing drugs for men.

Is this really about religion and free speech? Or is it their flawed idea that men are superior to women and that the female species must kowtow to them in all sexual matters? Go figure!

I think that most of the male members of the Supreme Court are running scared, for fear that they will lose domination over women.Jack 2012 cropped




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It seems that Ol’ Rush Limbaugh, a confirmed prescription drug addict, is having a hard time holding onto sponsors. I think that folks are getting tired of listening to his vitriolic meanderings regarding anything Obama.

President Obama has been able to get things done, including extricating our nation from two very costly wars, healthcare reform, stimulus programs that have helped the country get back on track after the disastrous financial debacle of the previous administration and a small degree of reform of our financial institutions.

All of this in spite of relentless stonewalling by the GOP.Jack 2012 cropped



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The Affordable Care Act signup period just ended with an excess of 7,000,000 people enrolling. That is in line with what the Congressional Budget Office originally estimated it would be necessary to make work.

Can you imagine what the number of enrollees would have been, if the Republicans hadn’t placed every obstacle possible in front of the program to insure its failure. 

The photos of folks standing in line to register in the last couple of weeks, throughout the nation was just amazing. I hope those same folks will stand in line to vote, come the midterm elections. The GOP is doing their best to prevent that from happening, too.Jack 2012 cropped



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The Koch Bros. and their deep pocketed buddies at Americans for Prosperity have to pay actors to misrepresent themselves as dissatisfied victims of Obamacare. And they are already spending millions on ads in crucial Congressional Districts and Senate races to get out their sordid message. Yet, there are many real beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act coming forward to express their satisfaction with the program. Why aren’t they being featured in the AFP ads?

It seems to me that these multibillionaires just cannot stand the idea that Barack Obama, a black man, is accomplishing much during his presidency. This in  spite of the fact that the extreme right-wing of the GOP has put up every road block possible to make his administration a failure.Jack 2012 cropped




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Here’s a David and Goliath story for you. The CVS chain of drug stores is taking on the killer tobacco industry by the decision to discontinue the sale of all tobacco and tobacco related products at its thousands of stores. Bully for them.

It is estimated that it will cost them about 2 billion dollars in annual sales. Yet, CVS has determined that it is more important to promote healthier living and sacrifice some of their profits.

To me, they are setting a great example for the rest of the huge pharmacy outlets such as Walgreen, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart to follow. It makes sense for health care providers to discourage the use of tobacco that is responsible for so many deaths on an annual basis.Jack 2012 cropped



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The House of Representatives passed the government funding bill by an overwhelming majority of 359 to 67. Our lone representative Steve Daines was one of those opposing the bill. I fully understand his position.

The super PAC, Americans for Prosperity, largely funded by the Koch Brothers, sole owners of one of the largest conglomerates in the world, have been vehemently opposed to this legislation. They are also putting about $20 million in to an ad campaign, so early in the campaign season, that will benefit candidates that carry out their agenda. I understand that a nice chunk of this is earmarked to benefit Steve’s run for the US Senate.

I see nothing in the Daines voting record that contradicts the positions of Americans for Prosperity. No wonder he voted the way he did. And here I thought he was elected to represent all of the people of Montana.Jack 2012 cropped



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I went for my yearly wellness physical the other day. I was struck, as I am every time that I go into a health care facility, by how many health care workers are either overweight or obese.

It seems to me that these folks would be the ones who would be acutely aware of the damage that this condition can do to the human body.

What am I missing?Jack 2012 cropped



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Over the past week, it has been heartening to see much of the media (the extreme right outlets excluded) focus on the positive aspects of the launch of Obamacare. The success in California is a good case in point. Also, we’ve heard from many who had their policies cancelled, only to find a better plan from both a coverage and cost standpoint.

I’ve even heard from folks that have gone onto the national website, navigated the process, and signed up for coverage that is better than what they currently have.

I hope that folks put pressure on all of the states that are fighting, tooth & nail, to insure the failure of the law, to get with the program.

A healthier society is better for all of us.Jack 2012 cropped



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