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 The primary contractor for the Keystone XL Pipeline (if it is approved) will be the Australian firm of Worley Parsons. I understand that the actual pipes will be manufactured in India. I haven’t been able to confirm that for sure. Products manufactured in India are not known for good quality.

The proponents of this project tell us that it will create 40,000 to 50,000 new jobs. I didn’t realize that they were referring to jobs overseas. Dumb Me!! I thought that they were talking about US jobs. How about insisting that all of the materials for this project be built in the good old US of A?

So the figure of 2M to 2.5M temporary US jobs over a two year period is more realistic. What a boon this will be to our economy.Jack 2012 cropped



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The next stop on our little odyssey was St. Joseph Peninsula SP.

Trip South 2013 036 Big empty beaches along the Gulf.






Trip South 2013 054  Gorgeous sunsets.






Trip South 2013 055  Being there with my best friend.






The only problem was that the campground was infested with mice.

Jack 2012 cropped






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We traveled on to Manatee Springs SP, near Chiefland, FL. This is the area where the Suwanee River empties in the Gulf of Mexico.

Trip South 2013 022  Manatee Springs Campground






Trip South 2013 030  Suwanee River




We were able to hook up with our Grandson and his Mom. They took us to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife SP., where we saw many animals including birds in various stages of recovery.

Trip South 2013 019  Wounded Manatees




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Spent three days at Anastasia SP, St. Augustine,FL. I was able to do my rendition of the ‘Barefoot Mailman’.

Trip South 2013 050  Beautiful sunrise.




Trip South 2013 056  Beautiful empty beaches.




Trip South 2013 061  Beautiful grasses.



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