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I’ve always had the perception that baseball, our national pastime, was a true family sport. That to watch the playoffs and subsequently the World Series, is a time when Mom’s, Dad’s and the kids would gather together around the TV to view this truly American event.

Then to have this family gathering interrupted by a commercial featuring an obviously single, svelte woman admonishing men to take this little pill so that they can have a stiff hard-on when they have sex. Not only will it give them a stiffer erection, but it will last longer, thus enhancing their sexual experience.

What kind of message are we trying to send out to our kids? I just don’t get it. I don’t know if messages like this have a greater adverse impact upon our boys or our girls. What I do know is that it’s all about money.

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The family that controls Hobby Lobby wins their law suite concerning a woman’s right to control her reproductive system, based on  religious grounds. Yet, there is nary a word about banning vasectomies and penile enhancing drugs for men.

Is this really about religion and free speech? Or is it their flawed idea that men are superior to women and that the female species must kowtow to them in all sexual matters? Go figure!

I think that most of the male members of the Supreme Court are running scared, for fear that they will lose domination over women.Jack 2012 cropped




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Here’s a David and Goliath story for you. The CVS chain of drug stores is taking on the killer tobacco industry by the decision to discontinue the sale of all tobacco and tobacco related products at its thousands of stores. Bully for them.

It is estimated that it will cost them about 2 billion dollars in annual sales. Yet, CVS has determined that it is more important to promote healthier living and sacrifice some of their profits.

To me, they are setting a great example for the rest of the huge pharmacy outlets such as Walgreen, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart to follow. It makes sense for health care providers to discourage the use of tobacco that is responsible for so many deaths on an annual basis.Jack 2012 cropped



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To hear it from the Ryan/Romney Campaign and their extreme right-wing supporters, you know that they would want to ban, Planned Parenthood, all forms of female contraception, and all types of abortion even in the case of incest or rape.

Yet, we hear nary a word from them about banning penile enhancement drugs. What’s with that?

I guess that they believe that the MAN should have complete control over what goes on in the bedroom. And it is surprising to me, how many religious organizations go along with this train of thought.



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It’s difficult to understand why Mitt Romney and the GOP (Get Obama Party) do not like what they prefer to call Obamacare. After all ol’ Mitt was the prime architect of the law.

What’s to dislike about it? Resolving the preexisting conditions problem? Protection against unjustified cancellation? That by CBO estimates, it will save about $1,000,000,000 in the long run. That as of the first of August, 47 million women will now have no co-pay provisions in wellness care?

These provisions include:

   * Breastfeeding support and counseling.

   * Contraceptive methods and family planning counseling.

   * Counseling for sexually transmitted diseases.

   * Screening and counseling for domestic violence.

   * Screening for gestational diabetes.

   * Screening for HIV.

   * Well women visits.

I believe that these are positive steps toward a healthier nation. Is the right-wing of our political spectrum intent on bringing down the messenger and to hell with the message?



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The 60 Plus Association, that East Coast group that is intent on meddling with our Montana elections, is at it again. This time they sent me a mailer with the face of Pat Boone (their spokesman) plastered on it. Much of the information is inaccurate or taken out of context. It rants and raves against the Affordable Health Care Act and attempts to instill fear into all who read this tome.

The 60 Plus Association was originally funded by the drug industry. That makes sense.

What I remember most about Mr. Boone is that one of his biggest hits was a song entitled I Almost Lost My Mind. Well, I think that he has now gone over the edge.


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More attack ads, this time from the 60 Plus Association, another East Coast outfit that is trying to influence our Senatorial election. This is another one of those groups that want to foist their agenda upon Montana voters.

They are the ones that tried to privatize Social Security a few years back. WOW! We sure dodged a bullet there. They are also against health care reform. Did I mention that early on that they had received backing from the pharmaceutical industry.

As I said before, they just cannot stand to have a hard-working Montana farmer representing us in the hallowed halls of the Senate. 


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I think that it was really forthright for religious leader, Pat Robertson, to come out in favor of legalizing the use of cannabis. It would help to solve two major problems that we have here in the US.

It would aid in solving the tremendous overcrowding problem that we have in our prison systems throughout our nation.

Secondly, it would give us a huge new stream of revenues, by taxing marijuana products much the same way that we do with tobacco and alcohol.

He says, “Baloney”, to those conservatives who claim that it would go against their stand on being tough on crime.


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Wishing all of you out there the best during the Holiday Season.

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I wonder how much pressure the pharmaceutical companies are placing on the Obama Administration to close down the providers of medical marijuana. Early in the administration, they said that the providers would be left alone.

Now in 2011 the feds are closing down the providers left and right. The drug companies must be feeling the pinch and seeing that the medical use of cannabis products will have an adverse effect upon their bottom line.

Why doesn’t the Food and Drug Administration just reclassify the drug and make it legal for purchase? Just think of the amount of revenue that could be raised by taxing these products. It sure could help the problems with our national debt.

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