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The Wall Street Journal came out with the prediction that the GOP would carry the day on the upcoming midterm elections. Small wonder, now that the once venerable financial newspaper is now owned by Rupert Murdock, the British tabloid/paparazzi mogul, and his minions at News Corp.

It seems that everything that he touches turns into an extreme, radical right wing enterprise. Balanced and impartial news coverage ‘be damned’.

I still am amazed how this Australian/American can hold such sway on so many of our citizens, in light of the disgrace he has managed to bring to his publications in GB.Jack 2012 cropped




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Commissioner Adam Silver of the NBA really brought the hammer down  on LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. It really presents a very strong message to owners of sports franchises, business leaders, politicians and educators, that bigotry in any form cannot be tolerated.

Our nation has  come a long way since President Johnson’s civil rights legislation. Obviously, we still have a long way to go. Isn’t it time that we accelerate our progress?Jack 2012 cropped



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It seems that every time I turn around my right to freedom of speech is further diminished.

The Supreme Court, today, put another nail into that coffin. The extreme right wing of that august body can’t get over equating money with  the freedom of expression. I don’t think it is difficult to realize that my voice is trampled upon every time the Court rules in favor of the ‘Fat Cats’ being allowed to spend, God knows how much, on political campaigns.

Can justices be impeached?Jack 2012 cropped



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The Affordable Care Act signup period just ended with an excess of 7,000,000 people enrolling. That is in line with what the Congressional Budget Office originally estimated it would be necessary to make work.

Can you imagine what the number of enrollees would have been, if the Republicans hadn’t placed every obstacle possible in front of the program to insure its failure. 

The photos of folks standing in line to register in the last couple of weeks, throughout the nation was just amazing. I hope those same folks will stand in line to vote, come the midterm elections. The GOP is doing their best to prevent that from happening, too.Jack 2012 cropped



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The Koch Bros. and their deep pocketed buddies at Americans for Prosperity have to pay actors to misrepresent themselves as dissatisfied victims of Obamacare. And they are already spending millions on ads in crucial Congressional Districts and Senate races to get out their sordid message. Yet, there are many real beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act coming forward to express their satisfaction with the program. Why aren’t they being featured in the AFP ads?

It seems to me that these multibillionaires just cannot stand the idea that Barack Obama, a black man, is accomplishing much during his presidency. This in  spite of the fact that the extreme right-wing of the GOP has put up every road block possible to make his administration a failure.Jack 2012 cropped




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I was pleased to hear that Gov. Brewer vetoed Arizona’s anti gay bill. I wonder what would happen if it had not been vetoed and became law. The next step might have been to pass legislation requiring gays, lesbians and other undesirables to have ID tattoos etched upon their arms so that they can be readily identified.

It wasn’t surprising to see that Rupert Murdock and his minions at the Wall Street Journal, Fox News and News Corp. refer to the legislation as the Religious Freedom Bill.

I believe that it was a very thinly disguised discrimination bill.  Jack 2012 cropped




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Our lone Montana representative, Congressman Steve Daines, proved to Montana voters that he is a shill of the extreme right-wing of  the GOP. Even though Montana business interests, the US Chamber of Commerce, an overwhelming number of economists, and the Republican leadership of the house encouraged him to vote for passage of the Budget Bill, he saw fit to try to deny its passage, thus putting our nation, yet again, on the brink of catastrophe. 

Instead, Daines decided to throw his hat in with the likes of the Koch brothers, Ron Paul, Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, the Heritage Foundation, and Marco Rubio.

I think that is time for Montana voters to get rid of politicians of his ilk and send folks to Washington who are thoughtful, pragmatic, and have our best interests in mind.

We do not need another rubber stamp in our Congress.Jack 2012 cropped



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Under the auspices of the U.S. Department of State, Maya Angelou recorded a remembrance  of Nelson Mandela.

Over the past few days since his passing I’ve seen and heard, it seems, countless pieces regarding his life. In my opinion none can compare to what Dr. Angelou put into words. Her poem captures the essence of this historical figure.

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Over the past week, it has been heartening to see much of the media (the extreme right outlets excluded) focus on the positive aspects of the launch of Obamacare. The success in California is a good case in point. Also, we’ve heard from many who had their policies cancelled, only to find a better plan from both a coverage and cost standpoint.

I’ve even heard from folks that have gone onto the national website, navigated the process, and signed up for coverage that is better than what they currently have.

I hope that folks put pressure on all of the states that are fighting, tooth & nail, to insure the failure of the law, to get with the program.

A healthier society is better for all of us.Jack 2012 cropped



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The GOP senators have carried the threat of filibuster too far. They’ve obstructed the Obama Administration from filling many vacancies, both judicial and administrative. The majority in the Senate finally said ‘enough is enough’. It is too bad the change to the senate rules had to be passed, that allow nominations to come up for a vote of confirmation by a simple majority.

I think that a better way would have been to go back to the old rules of requiring an actual talking filibuster to take place. Of course when our legislative bodies only are in session about two days per week and very few weeks out of the year, the process has to be speeded up.

My hope is that this will get things moving and our senators will get to work. Our women in that august body are the only ones that seem able to get anything done. Hopefully, their representation will grow in both houses after the next election.Jack 2012 cropped

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