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Do you mean to tell me that Patriot’s tight end Rob (Gronk) Gronkowski is afraid to catch a normally inflated football? I thought that he was supposed to be tough.

Maybe a name change is called for. How about the New England Wimps?Jack 2012 cropped



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I’ve always had the perception that baseball, our national pastime, was a true family sport. That to watch the playoffs and subsequently the World Series, is a time when Mom’s, Dad’s and the kids would gather together around the TV to view this truly American event.

Then to have this family gathering interrupted by a commercial featuring an obviously single, svelte woman admonishing men to take this little pill so that they can have a stiff hard-on when they have sex. Not only will it give them a stiffer erection, but it will last longer, thus enhancing their sexual experience.

What kind of message are we trying to send out to our kids? I just don’t get it. I don’t know if messages like this have a greater adverse impact upon our boys or our girls. What I do know is that it’s all about money.

Jack 2012 cropped




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While watching the World Cup matches this past week I noticed that Uruguay’s star Luis Suarez had a huge overbite. Then, a couple of days ago Suarez bit one of his Italian opponents. This wasn’t the first time he’s been caught biting his adversaries.

I really don’t believe that it is his fault. I just think that his Beaver genes have become dominant, surpassing those human traits that most of us have. Poor boy.Jack 2012 cropped



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Commissioner Adam Silver of the NBA really brought the hammer down  on LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. It really presents a very strong message to owners of sports franchises, business leaders, politicians and educators, that bigotry in any form cannot be tolerated.

Our nation has  come a long way since President Johnson’s civil rights legislation. Obviously, we still have a long way to go. Isn’t it time that we accelerate our progress?Jack 2012 cropped



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It seems to me that the pass that Joe Flacco made to his receiver in the end zone on second and goal, with a few seconds to go, should have been called a touchdown. the receiver caught the ball, had complete control of the ball, and only after he began to turn did the defender knock the ball out of his hands.

I think that coach Harbaugh should have contested the call. That would have, at least, given them some time to get their ducks in a row for the next couple of plays. Am I missing something in the rules?

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